Business Coaching

It is a known fact that by making your clients accountable, they are more successful.

Use Track and Evaluate to set goals for your clients. how often they need to respond, and set reminders. It makes it easy for you to check on their progress and give good, timely advice.

Nutritional Coaching

Do you need to create specific programs and set goals for each of your nutritional clients? Do you have a progress chart that each of your clients submits to you regularly?

Track and Evaluate makes it easy to create your own specific forms and lets your clients submit the latest information on a regular basis.

Rehabilitation Progress

It is really important to collect outcome data in rehabilitation facilities.

Track and Evaluate makes it easy to use a variety of existing forms or create your own customized forms to collect patient information specific to each individuals needs. You can then track their progress and assess their program easily.

Research Data

Gathering linear data for your research is always a difficult process.

Track and Evaluate makes it easy to gather that ongoing information specific to each individual by storing the data per person and not per questionnaire. Export this data to a spreadsheet for easy analysis.

  • Nutritionists
  • Coaches of any type, business, lifestyle, sports etc.
  • Preventative health programs for diabetes or pulmonary conditions
  • Businesses needing a customer satisfaction tool .
  • Political organizations tracking trends over an extended period of time.
  • Follow up on new product development .

Track and Evaluate allows you to easily customize specific questionnaires for each of your clients so that you can Track and Evaluate their progress over a period of time. You set how often they are reminded to answer their personal questionnaire and you can track their responses per client rather than per questionnaire like all of the questionnaire tools do currently.

Track and Evaluate reports